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Greek translation from English. Honoris Causa.

Eccentric Principles - Avner Eisenberg 2023



Along with the pdf files that were available, now you can also read my novels online.



My novel «The Letter» translated in English.

Translated by Andreas Kastanas and Sofia Poursanidis 2018.



My ninth novel «The Award» written from 14-12-04 to 21-8-14.



An additional sound processing has been done to some of the songs of the song collections for which is worth downloading them again.



Along with the song collections you can now find their English translation, with the sole purpose of rendering the meaning of the lyrics for those that don't recognize the Greek language, and also the chords for anyone that wishes to play the songs on the guitar.



This is a letter that I have send to a mainstream Greek TV Station yesterday for reasons that are self explanatory:

   The persistence of the Greek press supporting nepotism and gossip, combined with some recent public comments of my biological mother, are forcing me to state that by personal choice I have no relation whatsoever with her, with her circle, her name, her properties and any of her activities, twenty three years now and more, i.e. all of my adult life. At the same period I have created and published plenty of work and any mention to my name I would find it wiser to happen regarding it. I do not care about mainstream media, I do not watch it and I haven't tried to gain fame through it, but I am responding and I will continue to do so in any attempts to relate my name with a world I do not belong to, from wherever it comes from, because they are slanderous.  

Andreas Kastanas



Audiobook of my novel «The Letter» recorded in 2016 in Greek.



My second song collection «Avissos» created between 2013 and 2015.



My first song collection «Oneirenia» created between 2011 and 2013.




Initially you will find my 8 novels in Greek language only, written between 1995 and 2005.

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