I was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece

I was reborn in 1993 when I started to live alone and free.

I do not belong anywhere.

At first I thought I was this or that.

Finally I realized I was nothing and everything at the same time.

Three are my main fields: Art, Athletics and Research on everything.

Feel free to translate as: Expression/Creation, Exercise of the Body/Mind, Philosophy as a way of life.

If I am something this is the procedure and the result of the above.

From 1999 I am happy to live on a slope of a hill.

(the mountain in the picture on the top of each page is what I see from my house every day)

I am interested in life close to sun and dirt. And woman.

I was never an anchoret.

But I am a hermit and I had experienced a personal type of asceticism for three years.

I love human but not humanity that sells and buys him.

Sun and love are my guides. And what I call Sofia. (Sofia: Greek for wisdom, also a female name)

I am here to share what I created. And what I saw, felt, intuited, and searched for.

If you are looking for leaders and masters look elsewhere.

Groups and systems lead to bigotry and finally to raw violence.

I am not interested in converting anyone to anything.

And if you are looking for entertainers my soul is not for sale.

I give my work for free. Whoever wishes gives me a donation.

I do not like publicity and I already said too much.


With my love

Andreas Kastanas

June 2012





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